by hyperdump



Recorded mixed and mastered by Greg at Nowhere Record Studio in 2012


released February 25, 2013

Ws : Vocals
Guitars : Fred
Guitars : Holyv
Bass : Sly
Drums : Guillaume



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Track Name: HyperDump

Read me!
Reviewer almighty,
With the infinite knowledge,
Sharing it as a privilege.

Hear my words,
You ignorant bastards,
I am now explaining you,
What is music with value.

What’s that?
Modern music it seems,
I only like extremes,
This stuff does not fit my format.

I’m confused!
Too many different things,
And the vocalist sings,
This style has been way too reused.

I know my tastes are the best,
I don’t consider the rest,
All those news bands are shit
And I will now write it.

A few listenings are enough,
To judge, review and laugh,
And if you disagree
You just know less than me.

I know my tastes are the best,
I don’t consider the rest.

I say, sometimes,
A moron challenges my opinion
And he says:
I like this band
I say:
Stupid boy
I’m now explaining you,
What music with value.